Why are you called “Salisbury Bible Fellowship”?
We chose to name our church in a way that reflects what we’re all about. The Bible is not just a book of rules. It isn’t about empty religion. It gives beneficial principles for living. It tells us about God’s love and His desire for us to relate to Him on a deeply personal level. It’s His message to us. And because the Bible is central to what we believe, what we do, and who we are, we felt confident in making it central in our name as well. Life is about relating to God on a personal level. We also need to relate to other people in the context of love, caring, acceptance, and truth. So, our name reflects fellowship– defined as a body, or community of individuals joined together by a common bond and a shared vision. This is what we want to be and how we want to describe ourselves as a church, now and in the future.

How would you describe SBF?

We try very hard to overcome the negative stereotypes that people have about church. We’re not “pushy” and would never want anyone who visits to be uncomfortable in any way.  But we’ve been described many times by visitors as a friendly church, one where they could readily sense a real warmth and welcoming attitude. We think you’ll discover this for yourself when you visit. The messages are biblical, yet practical, and you don’t have to be a rocket scientist to understand what’s being said. But they are rooted in deep biblical truths, truths that inspire you toward an understanding of God and how your life can reflect His plan for you. The music is varied and the style is contemporary. We also employ creative elements in our services to help drive home the message we’re communicating. We want to capture your attention and engage each person with a timeless message that can make a difference in their life.  Come just as you are. While we’re informal, we don’t ever want to be mediocre or apathetic about church.  We take seriously the implications of what the local church should be and do.

Is Salisbury Bible Fellowship affiliated with a denomination or association?
We’re a non-denominational church, not affiliated with any other group of churches or boards. What this means is, no matter what your background, you are welcomed here. We certainly wouldn’t want denominational labels to distract anyone from the main focus– the essential beliefs of biblical Christian faith, relevant and vital for us today.

How long has Salisbury Bible Fellowship been in existence?
Since the late 1970’s, but in recent years, SBF has experienced a renewed sense of vision and purpose. In some ways, it has become a new church, gradually making necessary changes, trying to always be a better church, one with a passion for God, devotion to one another, and compassion for everyone, especially people who are still uncertain about how God may relate to their own lives.

What is the role of the pastor?
The role of the pastor is to equip the people of the church for ministry. One of our core values states our strong belief that every member is to be a minister, not just the staff. The pastor does have a unique role in communicating a vital vision, helping us focus on what our church needs to be in order to fulfill our God-given purpose. But rather than being dominated and held together in every way by the pastor, the church always works best and is at its strongest when all members consider personal and positive involvement in ministry a priority, and are actively using their gifts (spiritual gifts, abilities, distinctives) to share the Good News and to build up the church as a whole. Every Christ-follower is called to be someone who makes a difference in their world.

What about baptism?
Baptism is a symbol of new life in Jesus Christ.  In a way, it’s a sign of identification with him as a Christ-follower.  If you are a Christ-follower (it doesn’t matter how long you’ve been) and are interested in being baptized or just want to find out what it’s all about, contact the senior pastor, Lee Webb at 410-546-1522 or via e-mail:  lee@salisburybible.org
He will set up a time with you to discuss the significance of baptism as well as the logistics of it.

What about church membership?
Some churches practice formal church membership, and others do not. We feel it is helpful for the following reasons:

It keeps our expectations clear. Our church is for people from all walks of life, and we welcome people who have not yet made a commitment to Jesus Christ– people who may just be taking the first steps toward exploring what it means to have a personal faith. We don’t expect these people to behave like people who have identified themselves as Christ-followers. But we do expect people who identify themselves as Christians to have a consistent Christian lifestyle, marked by commitment to Jesus and the church. Such commitment to the church includes resources of time, abilities, and finances.

Membership helps us see how people are progressing. We want people to know that there is always room for them to grow and serve. Members are provided with training and pastoral oversight that enables them to progress in their walk with God. It also provides accountability from people who care about them.

It helps us uphold a solid core of beliefs.
Our beliefs, values and mission comprise the foundation on which our church is built. While we welcome everyone, no matter where they are on their spiritual journey, it is important that those identified as members share the same essential beliefs. This way, we can build on this foundation of faith.

It helps us define the “team.” Members make up the team, and membership helps us know who the team members are and what roles they can play to the greatest mutual benefit. Leadership offices and some key ministry roles are reserved for members.

I’m interested in membership at SBF.
A member at SBF is someone who is a Christ-follower, a regular attender at the church, understands the basic message of the Christian faith, and has made a commitment to be active in the life and ministry of the church.  Interested persons attend our First Steps class, which helps you explore what it means to be a Christ-follower as well as what it means to be a member of SBF, outlining the responsibilities and benefits of membership.

For more information about membership at SBF, contact us. You can also indicate your interest in membership on the Information Card you receive when you attend our services.

I have lots of questions about the Christian faith. I’m not sure I’m ready yet to become a Christ-follower, but I’d like to know more about it. Can I ask about these spiritual issues without feeling threatened?
First of all, you can be assured that your questions will be taken seriously, and that you never need to feel embarrassed or uneasy about asking them. Life is a journey, a journey of discovery. It’s no different when it comes to understanding, knowing, and following God. You don’t have to have it all figured out to set out on that journey of discovery. There are several avenues you can take: You can visit one of our services on Sunday morning. We think you’ll feel comfortable, yet inspired and encouraged. And keep coming, because we view each Sunday morning service as a piece of the puzzle, where over time you can explore more about God and your spiritual life, and get a sense of what a life that relates to Him is all about. If you attend a Sunday morning service, and want to ask questions about your own spiritual life, or discuss something that peaked your interest that day, please feel free to talk to one of the staff or a member of SBF. Don’t ever feel like you’re interrupting or that perhaps your question is too insignificant to ask. We also have a Communication Card that you receive each Sunday morning. You can use that card to let us know how we can help you, how we can pray for you, how we can answer your questions, inquire about some other facet of SBF, or even tell us a little about yourself. Just fill it out and return it following the service. We can recommend a small group that will make you feel welcome and help you explore God and the Bible. Right here on our web site, you can explore some common spiritual questions people have.  Maybe the information provided on these pages will give you some further insights related to you own search for faith. Above all, don’t neglect your spiritual life. Start that journey of discovery today, even if you begin by taking small steps.