Your kids will love SBF!

At SBF we understand how difficult it is to be a parent these days. You want your children to learn spiritual values and learn what it means to grow in a relationship with God. But sometimes you don’t know how to do this. You need someone, not to replace you, but to come alongside and help you in this most important responsibility. Our family ministry philosophy is designed to do just that.

All of our environments are engaging and age-appropriate. We believe that if we do our jobs right, kids will be looking forward to coming to church, not dreading it. That’s why in each of our kids environments, we use energetic, fun music, videos, drama, and small group interaction to engage the heart as well as the mind of your children and inspire them to grow in their walk with God. In each of our children’s environments, we send home information and we provide resources for parents to help you reinforce throughout the week what the kids are learning each Sunday.